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How do I receive the initialisation letter for the activation of my first bank access?

In order to use Global Payment Plus, you must first activate your Commerzbank bank access. This is your so-called primary bank access. Proceed as follows.

In the Corporate Banking Portal

  1. Log in to the Corporate Banking Portal with your user number and PIN.
  2. Click on "Accounts & Payments" in the navigation and then on Global Payment Plus.
  3. You will be guided through the initialisation process. On the page with your access data, click on "Continue" and then on "Print initialisation letter".
  4. Print the letter and confirm that it has been printed.
  5. Sign the initialisation letter and send it to your bank.

Further information

  • After your bank has activated the bank access, you can complete the initialisation. To do this, call up the bank access again and click on "Retrieve bank parameters". You receive confirmation that the initialisation of the bank access was successful. The bank access can now be used in Global Payment Plus.
  • You can then integrate further bank accesses, also as third-party banks, into Global Payment Plus.
  • Hint: Save Global Payment Plus as your start application. This will automatically direct you to Global Payment Plus after logging in.
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